IIKYA - Student Council

The Student Council “IIKYA” meaning “United” was formed on 6th March 2017with an objective to encourage students to contribute their ideas and skills towards planning and conducting events or programs having academic and nonacademic relevance. These events or activities of Student Council are conducted by the students themselves under the supervision of faculty. This was initiated to help students in nurturing their or acquiring leadership and event management skills. The objective was also to encourage team work and coordination among students.

Student Council

  • Academic Committee
  • Cultural Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Career Development Committee
  • Community Service Committee

Each committee shall consist of 8 to 10 members and with their personal interest. The Student Council is headed by a Chair and a Co-Chair who are elected through a formal presentation. Ideas and plans for the upcoming academic year in different areas as specified above are presented by the aspiring students for Chair and Co Chair positions. The Student presenting the best ideas and plans are voted and elected as Chair and Co-Chair by the members of the student council who take part in the presentation. The whole process is monitored and supervised by the College Authorities.


  • For developing and nurturing leadership and event management skills among students.
  • For better communication between the Management and the Students.
  • To provide students a platform to execute their ideas and thoughts and showcase their talents and skills.
  • To encourage team work and proper coordination among students.
  • To provide clarity among students in choosing right careers.
  • To organize programs of City, State or National importance in the College and ensure participation in such programs off campus.

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